Úloha krvných doštičiek, neutrofilov a zložiek medzibunkovej hmoty v zápale. Analýza liečiv a perspektívnych prírodných látok
Role of blood platelets, neutrophils and extracellular matrix in inflammation. Analysis of drugs and perspective natural compounds
Program: Inter-governmental agreement
Project leader: prof. MUDr. Nosáľ Radomír, DrSc.
Annotation: Oxidative stress and proinflammatory processes are involved in many pathophysiological diseases. Interaction of neutrophils and blood platelets, increased production of biologically active compounds as well as interaction with intercellular matrix (collagen) play an important role in inflammation. The hypothesis of mutual collaboration of collagen, blood platelets and neutrophils on modulation of oxidative burst of phagocytes and extent of inflammatory process will be assessed. Simultaneously effect of natural compounds and therapeutically used drugs will be tested on the functions of blood platelets and neutrophils.
Duration: 1.2.2008 – 31.12.2009


Farmakológia neu – Celulárne a molekulárne aspekty farmakologickej regulácie prozápalovej aktivity neutrofilov
Cellular and molecular aspects of pharmacological regulation of neutrophil pro-inflammatory activity
Program: SRDA
Project leader: prof. MUDr. Nosáľ Radomír, DrSc.
Annotation: Unique research is focussed on the role of neutrophil leukocytes in proinflammatory processes of the organism with respect to mechanisms of their activation at cellular and molecular level. At present the target is the role of neutrophils in important pathophysiological units like ischaemia-reperfusion damage of the heart and brain, as well as nonspecific inflammatory processes (rheumatoid polyarthritis), diabetes, carcinoma, atherosclerosis, etc. We shall concentrate our studies on the mechanisms of oxidative burst in isolated neutrophils, their responses in whole blood and tissues as well as on processes in connection with their activation and apoptosis, at the level of reactive oxygen species, enzyme activation and expression od proinflammatory active substances. Original results will enrich the knowledge on the role of neutrophils in the process of adjuvant arthritis and its pharmaco-therapeutic intervention. Our attention is focussed first of all on substances of natural origin, which are expected to provide significant supportive effect in suppression of proinflammatory reactions of the organism. Our method for differentiation between extra- and intracellular chemiluminescence will be applied for detection of neutrophil oxidative burst.
Duration: 9.9.2008 – 30.6.2011
Farmakológia zápalových reakcií: Liečivá a látky s antifagocynárnym a protidoštičkovým účinkom
Pharmacology of inflammatory reactions: Medicaments and natural compounds with antiphagocyte and antiplatelet effects
Program: VEGA
Project leader: prof. MUDr. Nosáľ Radomír, DrSc.
Annotation: In relation to our recently published results we shall continue our research on studying the mechanisms of antiphagocyte-antioxidative and antiplatelet effect of therapeutically used drugs and natural compounds from groups of stilbenoids and phenylpropanoids. We also wish to extend experimental approaches from the cellular to subcellular and molecular levels with respect to the regulatory pathways of phospholipase D, proteinkinase C and NADPH-oxidase in human blood platelets and neutrophils.
Duration: 1.1.2007 – 31.12.2009