Basic Info

Brnoliaková, Zuzana Ing., PhD.

Deputy Scientific Director, the head of the Department of tissue cultures and biochemical engineering
Phone: 02/ 32 295 716, kl. 2716
Research Interests: Metabolic Diseases & Pharmacological Interventions

  • Glycobiology and the use of high-throughput mass spectrometry instrumentations in pre-clinical pharmacological research of metabolic diseases: applied glycomics and proteomics.

  • Aberrant glycosylation of human glycoproteins related to various physiological states, including the onset of breast and prostate cancer: as an outcome of this research the special bioanalytical method was patented US 20080318332 A1 – Disease diagnosis by profiling serum glycans.

  • Free radical processes in the living cells: the role of hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress in the development of chronic complications connected with diabetes mellitus.

  • Glycooxidative damage of eye lens proteins: effect of the pyridoindole stobadine; comparison of its effect with other natural or synthetic antioxidants; possible role of aldose reductase inhibitors in pharmacological prevention of diabetic cataract; special focus on the polyol pathway.