Basic Info

Šoltés, Ladislav Ing., DrSc.

Senior Research Fellow
Phone: 02/32295706
Dr. Šoltés, dissertated in Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava in 1978 as macromolecular chemist (PhD thesis: Polymolecularity of high molecular mass polystyrene prepared by heterogeneously initiated radical polymerization). In 1979 Dr. Šoltés started at the Institute of Experimental Pharmacology as analytical chemist studying the drug fate in experimental organisms (rat, dog, human being). His DSc. in 1993 in analytical chemistry was based on the thesis: Liquid chromatographic separation methods for the analysis of biological materials. He acted several times as visiting professor in Paris and Frankfurt/Main where he investigated novel HPLC methods to determine the drug-protein reversible binding interactions. In 2012 Dr. Šoltés established the Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry of Drugs Currently in this laboratory he works as the senior research fellow, interested mainly in actions of various natural and synthetic compounds/drugs on free-radical degradation of the biopolymer hyaluronan. The achievements of Dr. Šoltés are highly respected a broadly cited in the scientific literature. In the year 2008 he was awarded by the honor – Scientist of the Year.
Dr. Šoltés is the regular Member of ISHAS – the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences. He is active as a member of the Editorial board of the journal Interdisciplinary Toxicology. Dr. Šoltés educated several students, PhD fellows, post-doctorands either from his homeland Slovakia or from foreign countries. Recently, in 2014, he co-edited a book: Balköse D., Horák D., Šoltés L. (eds). “Key Engineering Materials Volume I Current State-of-the-Art on Novel Materials” Apple Academic Press, USA.