The Laboratory of Cell Cultures

Head of Department

Dipl-Ing. Lucia Račková, PhD.


  • Investigation of modulation of pathophysiology of ageing and related diseases by the compounds of natural and synthetic origin.
  • Application of cellular models of oxidative stress.
  • Application of cellular models of ageing.
  • Investigation of TLR signalling pathway in microglia as the main cellular components of inflammatory neurodegenerations accompanying ageing of the CNS.
  • Cellular systems: microglia of stable cell line and primary microglia, primary hepatocytes, cell lines of human and rodent fibroblasts, and others.


Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bezek, Štefan MVDr., DrSc.

Senior Research Fellow 02/59410663
Račková, Lucia Ing., PhD.

Head of Laboratory 02/32295720
Škandík, Martin Ing.