The Department of Developmental and Behavioral Toxicology

Head of Department

RNDr. Mojmír Mach, PhD.

Research focus

The broad area of research interest in our department involves studies to elucidate mechanisms of hypoxia during sensitive stages of development and involvement of drug during organogenesis and “fine tuning” of central nervous system. Using a variety of animal models of human diseases in conjunction with biochemical, histology and behavioral methods of analysis, we seek to determine the extent to which these early influences can change the quality of later life. Screening for new prospective psychoactive drugs is also one of the research focuses. The Department utilises a spectrum of standard toxicological and behavioral methods such as screening for developmental anomalies, neurodevelopmental analysis, imunohistochemical-based assessment, anxiety- and depression-like behaviour observations, cognition and social behaviour evaluation. The department disposes a modern equipment necessary for teratological and behavioural studies.

Name / Position E-mail Phone
Belovičová, Kristína Mgr.

PhD.Student 02/32295733
Blaškovič, Dušan RNDr., PhD.

Senior Research Fellow 02/32295721
Bögi, Eszter Mgr., PhD.

Junior Research Fellow 02/32295733
Csátlosová, Kristína Mgr.

PhD. Student
Dubovický, Michal RNDr., CSc.

Director 02/32295700
Koprdová, Romana MVDr., PhD.

junior research fellow 02/32295743
Mach, Mojmír RNDr., PhD.

Deputy Director, Head of Department 02/32295718
Piešová, Michaela Mgr.

PhD. Student
Švecová, Blanka Ing. 0232295743
Ujházy, Eduard Doc. RNDr., CSc.

Senior Research Fellow 02/32295717
Zborovanová, Dana